I Was Fired. What Happens to My Health Benefits?

Getting fired often comes as a shock that leaves your head spinning. Once the dust settles, questions will rise to the surface. A common one is, “What happens to my health benefits now that I have been fired?” “Your first step should be to assess your health care needs,” says Nate Randall, founder and president of Ursa Major Consulting and host of the podcast Illuminate HR. “The employee benefits staff is required to inform you about your options,” says Randall. He explains that it’s best to ha

How to Talk to Kids about #MeToo

It’s on all of our minds lately. The #MeToo movement is making us face the fact that sexual harassment and sexual assault are more common than we realized. We’re hearing from victims (women and men) who’ve had to hide the truth of their trauma, sometimes even from their own families. Until very recently most haven’t felt comfortable revealing the details of their experience out of fear, shame and the real possibility that they wouldn’t be believed. Because it’s all over the news, your kids may

Learning doesn't have to stop at the bell! —

Learning doesn't have to stop at the bell! "Take My Word For It!" is always rolling out lots of new, creativity-sparking writing activities! Our after-school enrichment programs feature a different curriculum for each session of the school year. We also offer summer camps! (Click for all of the details.) Classes are typically priced per session and range from $18 - $20 per class hour. (So, a 10 week session is between $180 and $200.) Here are some samples: Do you have a secret recipe for m

Strategies for Job-Hunting in Times of Uncertainty

Job hunting in a down economy can be a daunting prospect. You’ll probably need to work harder at it and you’ll definitely need to work smarter to find new opportunities. Comedian Milton Berle summed it up when he said, "If opportunity doesn't knock, then build a door." Here are six strategies to help you “build your door” and better position yourself to land a new job. Business Insider’s Gina Belli reports that “even when figures are broken down into different categories of job seekers and peo

Avoid These Top 13 Interview Taboos

Job interviews are nerve-racking, particularly if you don’t feel adept at thinking on your feet, or tend to become clammy as soon as you sit down. Not to fear! There are surefire ways to prepare that will make you feel more assured the minute you enter the room, as well as some big taboos to absolutely avoid. How you approach preparing for your interview will influence how you feel once you’re in the chair. “Take charge of the process,” says Rik Avalos, a long-time recruiter and HR professiona

Making Life Easier for Kids with Learning Challenges

Having a kid with learning and behavior challenges requires a lot of learning on your part. What are the best treatment options, best learning environments, how do you locate the best support and resources for you, your child and your family? Most importantly, how do you help your child learn? Technology to the rescue! There are loads of digital tools out there (some free, some for a reasonable fee) designed to help kids with all kinds of learning challenges. We’ve compiled a list, with link

Learning How to Learn

Advances in neuroscience have given us more insight into how the brain processes and retains information. We’re constantly understanding more about how we learn. But because education and cognitive science have only been cross-pollinating in the last decade or so, how we educate students has been slow to change. The way schools have delivered information to students for more than a century—learning by rote, spitting out memorized facts and figures and learning subjects in silos, disconnected from

For Better or for Worse -The Sibling Bond

Over the years we’ve written a lot about how parents influence their kids. However, because ninety-percent of us grow up in a household with at least one sibling, brothers and sisters’ impact on one another is equally as powerful. When we’re young, our sibling relationships are both a proving ground and a source of comfort. As Jeffrey Kluger writes in his book, The Sibling Effect: What Bonds Among Brothers and Sisters Reveal About Us, “the sibling bond, for all of us, is nothing short of a f